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Favorite links & banners

This banner is to my amateur radio web site,plus much more.Please click banner to view,thanks!


NOTE: My good friend Jerry ,has alot of sci-fi backgrounds,midis,pictures etc ! for your web site.He also makes "BANNERS",he designed my banner above--------Thank you Jerry!                   


NOTE:The graphics on this web site are the intellectual property of Marily Buck(web designer) Of which I admire all her hard work,time & artistic talent into creating  a  great web site & graphics for us to use.Please give her the credit she deserves; .Or just click banner above to visit her web site.Thank you Marilyn !

NOTE: Click banner  above for all your gif needs ,plus much more.And drop him a line to thank him for a great web site & gifs for us to use on ours--------Thanks DRAACS!